Mykita & Moncler: A Homage to the Mountains

MYKITA & Moncler both stand for innovative and unique products of the highest quality, coupled with traditionalist brand philosophies. These shared values inspired the two companies to join forces in a project which aims to explore new and untapped territories in the eyewear market.  Continue reading Mykita & Moncler: A Homage to the Mountains

haute hoodie Loungewear & Intimates: Comfort is Key

Introducing haute hoodie – an exciting new line from the founder and creative director of internationally recognized brand, Haute Hippie. The new collection features cool, comfortable and well made “sunday” clothes for women and men.  Continue reading haute hoodie Loungewear & Intimates: Comfort is Key

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes promote The Kennedys, while Lady Gaga thanks fans for her birthday

Leading celebrity news today: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have headed on to the red carpet to promote Holmes’s mini-series, The Kennedys. Holmes said she had some concerns when the mini-series was scrapped by the History Channel, but it will now be broadcast on the Reelz Network in the US, followed by BBC2 in the UK.  Continue reading Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes promote The Kennedys, while Lady Gaga thanks fans for her birthday

Zhang Zi Lin on modelling; more from Fashion for Relief; Oprah’s farewell

China’s biggest model at present, former Miss World (2007) Zhang Zi Lin, one of L’Oréal Paris’s many faces, talks about her early aspirations, her career in modelling Continue reading Zhang Zi Lin on modelling; more from Fashion for Relief; Oprah’s farewell

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has German première alongside BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has German première alongside BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept We haven’t followed the press juggernaut for Tom Cruise’s new film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (notice the shift of the colon from the original Mission: Impossible title  Continue reading Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has German première alongside BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept

Another way to wear…Chanel

I never thought that Parisian fashion house Chanel would have much in common with my local off-licence but guess what?  They both sell temporary tattoos. The Chanel version is sold to a waiting list of label-loving, fashion hungry women and the latter is sold in-between sheets of pink bubblegum to the kids on bikes at the end of the street. Continue reading Another way to wear…Chanel

Kate Moss for Topshop….again

Today was the 12th time that I have gone online to check the Kate Moss collection at Topshop. The 12th time! I don’t see how the popularity in this line continues to grow, but if the astronomical rate at which the clothes sell out is anything to go by, it’s not looking like it’s about to slow down.

Continue reading Kate Moss for Topshop….again

Maxed out on the Maxi

Recently I have noticed something of a fashion epidemic, quite literally sweeping the streets of Britain.  A growing number of women I see out and about the town, doing the food shop, filling up the car, in the queue at the post office, paying bills in the bank…all seem to be wearing a maxi dress.  Why?  Was an announcement put out which I missed?

Presumably the memo also stated that they must be worn with the obligatory cropped denim jacket and ethnic looking jewellery. Continue reading Maxed out on the Maxi

Prints Charming – Print Any Thing

I love a flower print on a summer dress and now I love a flower print on whatever I can think of. What is it about covering everyday items in floral motifs and pastel polka-dots which makes them a hundred times more exciting and appealing?

When I came across Cath Kidston designs a few years back it was love at first print.

Of course, Cath isn’t the only designer to ever have adorned their items with flowers – she didn’t invent this. There are plenty of flower-covered, polka dotted items in plenty of shops. It’s fair to say though, that this brand had a lot to do with the revival of this style. They do this so well that it inspired me to put Cath Kidston cereal bowls, tea-cups, side plates, an oven-mitt and tea-towels on my Christmas list. I never thought I would ever ask for an oven-mitt at Christmas. And thanks to a tolerant boyfriend, our kitchen is now akin to a Cath Kidston showroom.

There is something nostalgic, homely and comforting about this kind of style which makes me imagine a simpler, nicer time in the world when people had values and would take the time to serve tea in a teapot every day, and sit down and talk to each other with a homemade cake cooling on the kitchen table (optional). Items which reference the past fulfill a need for value and meaning. They are inspired by a familiar 1930s and 1940s aesthetic which reflects a quaint cosiness and simplicity, which, in these uncertain and troubled times is the biggest seduction of all.

The Secret Life of Shoes – Walking A Mile In My Shoes

When I look back over my school and career, I did have to wear a uniform on more than once occasion. I attended Catholic schools so the plaid uniform was a staple for four years. Once I got out of high school, I literally had no clothes at all for college. I had to get an entire new wardrobe and that was way fun to buy. Finally some originality. One of my early work positions was with Estee Lauder cosmetics and we always had to wear the signature blue Lauder uniform. They cut and style at times was not quite right but we had to wear them. I remember standing around the counter and wishing that we could talk to the person at home office who designed those informs. They needed more style and better fitting.
When I think of workers in hospitals growing up they all looked the same. Uniforms were standard with no colors that really varied at all. Nurses wore white and the scrubs were the standard hospital blue. But now more! Today there is style and fashion in the world of uniforms. Check out this link! . You will not be disappointed if you work in the medical field and want a little variety or individuality in your uniform. Just think, if you are in a career and have to wear scrubs for your entire career that could be 5-10 years or even more, wearing a blue scrub for 10 years would be so monotonous.
Blue sky scrubs was born out of the need to have variety and a scrub hat the fit. Since the company began the line has expanded to include scrubs of all colors and even different styles. the boring blue scrub is no more. If you want the original blue scrub is is there but there are offering scrubs options that include more color options, a better fit and a design from quality fabrics. They have several lines available, one of which is the Grey Label Scrubs that include 16 colors to choose from. Other scrubs for women include the Urban scrubs that have a more casual look. Still very professional but with flair. In addition there scrubs can be custom designed to fit your needs.
Blue Sky Scrubs does have a 90 day return policy of there is any issue that needs to be resolved. They have a team of professionals committed to providing the best quality product to the public and to be sure that we are satisfied. Buying on line via the website can be done from the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you are in the medical field and looking for a little variety, be sure to check out Blue Sky Scrubs. you will not be disappointed.

Death of a Sperry

I have a favorite pair of sperry top siders that have seen better days. They are green and made of suede. The style was slipon. They have served me well in all sorts of weather and occasions. They were super comfortable but now are totally uncomfortable. So it is time for them to go to the great shoe graveyard in the sky. I will miss them because they went with so many things I had to wear as far as casual wear. They were a staple with jeans. I do not think I will replace them. I have three other pairs of sperry top siders to wear and they are no where near being worn out.

Still doing good. Still not buying anymore shoes before I wear out all that I have. At this rate, I may not need to ever by another pair of shoes in a very long time. Well, except for a pair of black dress pumps for special occasions. I need those now.
So long my favorite pair of sperry’s. Enjoy you rest in the afterlife of shoes.

Night Out On the Town!

This past July my church choir had the unique opportunity to sing Rutter’s Requiem at Carnegie Hall. We spent the entire 6 months before rehearsing and rehearsing and rehearsing some more! With Rutter it has to be perfect. He is the man! Before going to NYC, we had the opportunity to join with another church choir and sing it for local performances in my home with and at the home town of the visiting church. It was spectacular! We were wonderful.
With the trip to NYC to sing the Requiem at Carnegie Hall, not all of us choir members could go because the total cost of the trip was great during these economic times. I think it was about $3000 per person to go for the week so about 1/3 of my choir went. The actual performance was on Memorial Day. I was not lucky enough to afford the NYC trip to actually work with Rutter, but I was able to perform in both local concerts. It was joyous either way. I did wish at the time I live in NYC so that I could be there.
I had no idea what the cost of the Carnegie Hall tickets would have been to see the show. I imagine that it may have been pricey. There are sorts of shows going on there as well as sporting events and concerts. Tickets for some of these are hard to get. has tickets available for just about any event you could want to attend. They are a privately owned company that buys and resells tickets on the secondary market. They offer premium seats that may be hard to get or even sold out without anyone having to stand in line or wait on hold. Now you may pay a pretty penny for them but they are premium seats!
The site itself is easy to use. For example, if you wanted Harlem Globetrotters Tickets or
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Searching by vendor, event or city is easy. With three basic steps your ticket order can be completed. All sales are final because they are one of a kind items. If there is a cancellation, refunds will be honored if done within 10 days. Professional customer service agents are also available to assist you as needed.
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Taylor Swift Tickets are available now for all of her performances in all venues. Shop ahead and get the best seats now for those performances. I do think that using Cheapseats will take the headache out of holiday performances that occur at holiday time. That is one less thing to worry about with the crush of the holiday rush!