Big Bike Love-The Giant Cypher

If you read my last post, you know that I hit a training wall. I was close to hating riding. I wanted to quit racing before I’d even paid my first entry fee. What did not change, was my love for a certain bike.

I’ve been riding a bike called the Cypher. It’s a women’s specific ride made by Giant. And I’ll be frank–it is NOT a racing bike.

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Holiday! It Would Be So Nice…

Last week, I spent five days on Kiawah Island in South Carolina with my cousin and her husband; they’re retired, and live six months out of the year on this gorgeous slice of heaven. So for nearly a week, I visited the spa, sipped 4 pm cocktails, sat in the sun, and took three hour naps on 500 thread count sheets. I haven’t mentally disconnected like this in ages. And by ages, I mean since I met Scott.

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Team WH: a Talk Before Dying

I want to be honest. I’ve been training to race mountain bikes, and frankly, I haven’t been enjoying it very much. I’ve had a whole lot of thoughts and feelings I haven’t been very proud of. And now, a video on YouTube has made me ashamed that I’ve taken my very strong body, so very much for granted.

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