Team WH: Fit Is Not an Absolute

Training has been going well. I’ve been swimming, biking, and running in preparation for the April 12, Irongirl Las Vegas race. I’m especially excited that I still appear to be healthy. No broken bones. At least not yet. (Click here to read about how I wound up with a stress fracture during my attempt to train for triathlon last year.)

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Team WH: Water up the Nose

It totally sucks. The shooting pain up your nostrils is as annoying, painful, and fleeting as a paper cut or brain-freeze. But at least there’s some benefit to breathing in a lungful of water—well, only if you’re trying to learn a new swim technique. And I usually am.

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Can I Switch My Rest Days on the Ultimate Fit Plan?

Hi everyone,

Just a quick response– this week has been totally crazy. jessicamermis asked if it was okay to switch the rest day to Sunday instead of Monday. Survey says…go for it! As long as you have two total rest days each week you will still get results.

How is everyone doing? I hope you are starting to see results!

Best of luck!



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