Team WH: What Has a Bike Done For You Lately?

My bicycle changed my life.

That’s a cliche. But I guess I’m part of it. After I
got my Titus, I realized you could fall in love with a bike. That it could take you
to levels of fitness you never dreamed possible. That it could catch the eye of
strangers who would marvel out loud at its unusual snakeskin-like fusion of
carbon fiber and titanium. That, in fact, it could be called "eye candy" during
a grueling century ride, and given your state of exhaustion and sweatiness,
you’d know the term clearly was not a reference to you.

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Team WH: Monster Miles

I don’t know if you’ve ever read a training plan before, but they require a dictionary. Or a translator. They are filled with 2-letter acronyms, numbers that resemble afternoon work breaks rather than riding times, and phrases that reek of algebra. It’s one of those things that instantly makes my brain freeze.

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Team WH: Nuns on the Run

Not feeling up to my evening swim class at the 14th Street Y, I started surfing the web for inspiration. While reading my friend, Leslie Goldman’s, blog, I came across this great post about a woman who started running at 49 (!). Now, at age 77, she has completed 200 triathlons, including 13 Ironmans (!!). The best part: She’s a NUN!

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Ok, apologies all over the place for dropping off the face of the web.

For all you who followed my ups and many, many downs (particularly the crashing kind) in cyclocross last fall, I hope you’ll come back and read me again. That season ended with a third place finish (and some cash!) that I wrote about in most poetic prose and peppered with a bunch of pics that ultimately got lost in the whole web redesign wormhole.

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