TEAM WH: How Bad Do You Want to Be Good?

Going into my first triathlon of the season on April 12th (Aflac Iron Girl Lake Las Vegas triathlon), I felt off my game. Even though I was in the pool, on the treadmill or in the spin room three to five times a week since January, I know now I was just going through the motions without the drive.

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Wedlocked: Final Words About Our First

Last night, Scott and I watched an old episode of "How I Met Your Mother" – and the token committed couple was crying about how they have so few "firsts" left to share. They’ve already had their first kiss, first shag, first apartment, first (and hopefully last) engagement and subsequent marriage … And it made me realize that I’m so happy I was able to share a year’s worth of marital firsts with you. 

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Wedlocked: You Ask, I Answer. Part II!

Living Together: Oh, how you worry about this! And with good reason, because I quaked in my flip flops when I had to finally leave a huge, beautiful apartment that I shared with three neat girls … to live in a small, cramped rental with my sloppy husband once we got engaged. I’d never lived with a man before, so maybe my experience was a bit more bumpy than those of a serial cohabitator. And because I can’t figure out how to track back to your questions on previous posts, I can’t *specifically* address ALL of your living together questions. But I remember them for the most part, so I’ll just give you my take on this situation.

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Wedlocked: You Ask, I Answer. Part I!

Last week, I asked you to toss me questions about engagement and marriage – and did you throw me some doozies! I’ll start with the first one I received, because I’d like to reward NEOGODDESS for those nimble fingers. Her Q: How do you deal with people who want to give you wedding advice that you know you’ll never take? 

Okay, so there’s a short answer and then there’s the longer, more polite answer. The short answer is that you simply smile and say, "That’s a great idea! We’ll certainly consider it." And then walk away and wince.

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Team WH: Triathlon Race Report

Want to feel like a superstar athlete? Want to feel like you conquered the world? Want to soak in the positive energy from 800 women a lot like you?

Then sign up for an Iron Girl event. You’ll walk away feeling so good about yourself you’ll be inspired to keep racing, train even harder, and push yourself like never before.

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