Model Mayhem Thanksgiving/Autumn Banner Contest!

Go show off your mad foliage skills in the Model Mayhem Thanksgiving/Autumn Banner Contest!

Deadline: 6:00 PM, MM Time, Nov 24, 2009


1 – Make the banner 800 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.  Other sized banners will be disqualified for not following directions.  It should be a static image–no animated gifs or flash.  JPG, GIF, or PNG are cool.

2 – Post the image over here.

3 – The theme is Thanksgiving/Autumn.

4 – All rules defining 18+/M images apply and will be enforced.  No naked bloody turkey people, please.

5 – When possible, credit every MM member who helped make the banner and the image(s) in it.  We’d like to be able to post links to their profiles to show off their awsomenesses.

6 – Feel free to show your support for images in this thread, but the winners won’t be decided by a strict popular vote.  The mods will decide which banners will be used.

7 – Don’t use other people’s work without permission.   By submitting, you state that you permit MM to publish the banner in MM’s header between November 25, 2009 and November 30, 2009, and that you have the necessary permission to grant that license.

8 – Have fun!  Or else.


Model Mayhem status update
1) I believe Australia and New Zealand have been totally restored (unfortunately a lot of the attack we’re experiencing was coming out of that region and so our trunk provider shut off access for a while – a couple of times – to give us and them some breathing room).

2) We are still working through issues with both email and photo uploading.  The photo uploading is an issue with our 3rd party host and we’re working diligently with them to better understand the issue.  Email is really still a result of the cyber attack – that is continuing.  We are working to resolve that as quickly as possible.

3) As I’ve mentioned above, our network is still being attacked.  The new hardware we have put in place is holding and allowing the site to stay up but at times we continue to see slowness and hiccups here and there.

I again, really really want to apologize for the inconvenience all MMers have suffered over the last 5+ days and greatly appreciate the patience and commitment you all have shown to both MM and IB.  As in all crisis situations, this has been a fantastic learning experience and we are coming out of it much stronger than we were a week ago.

For those of you that provided us with your hard earned cash in exchange for extra privileges (and the expectation that the site would be up) we will compensate you.  We’re just waiting until we can confidently declare “All’s Clear” before we do so.

Again, thank you for your patience.


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