Real Time Social Search With Collecta

Collecta Search Engine

It still rings true that whoever (or whatever) offers information in real time may have better appeal to most people. This can never be truer than in the social Web. The active people on the social Web usually look for information about their colleagues,

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Mozilla Releasing Firefox Mobile For Nokia N900

Firefox Logo

Mozilla is releasing a version of the Firefox Mobile browser for the Nokia N900. Its developers are claiming that it will someday do away with the complexities of developing phone apps in the future. It may be a tad bit short of saying that the App stores of today would no longer be around if the Firefox Mobile will have its way and become popular.

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Paid Tweets Through Super Chirp

Super Chirp

Twitter is still getting ever more popular among people who thrive on updated info about others. For a very popular service on the Web, it seems quite surprising that the people who run the website still haven’t found a way to generate revenue from it. The popularity of Twitter has made it an interesting service that still gets many attractive investors. But how long will this arrangement keep up?

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Microsoft Loses Appeal For Word Patent Infringement Case

Microsoft Logo

It seems that even giants in the industry may not always get their way. Microsoft has recently lost its appeal in a patent infringement case involving a feature used in its Word application. The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals is not overturning a patent infringement verdict concerning XML features in Word owned by another company.

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Google, Facebook Going Into URL Shortening

Google Facebook Logo

URL shortening has become quite popular nowadays mainly because of Twitter and micro blogging in general. The need for shorter links becomes all the more important as people use Tweets and short messages to communicate online. It has been a phenomenon that has even caught the attention of other online giants.

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