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Corruption monitor upsets Pakistan

20060418-india-pakistan-borderTransparency International might stop working in Pakistan, where the local chairman says he has received death threats.An organisation that monitors transparency or corruption around the world is being forced to stop its efforts to track foreign aid in Pakistan.Published reports quoted Rehman Malik, Pakistan’s federal minister of the interior, as saying Transparency International (TI) is behaving like a “detective agency” that takes bribes. He threatend to prevent the advocacy group from working in the country, where it registered as a not-for-profit entity in 2000.

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S. Oregon Muslim leaders react to Portland bomb plot, Corvallis mosque fire

Portland_Car_Bomb_Plot.20101129005122The Muslim community across the state is reacting to the Portland bomb plot and the mosque fire in Corvallis.
Southern Oregon Islamic leaders say the attempted terror plot is not representative of their religious beliefs. They say the alleged arson in Corvallis is unfortunate, and the result of misconceptions.
Leaders at the Islamic Peace Center in Phoenix say Islam does not condone, promote or allow violence of any kind against anyone. They point to a quote from their holy book, the Quran: “If one kills a human being, it is like killing all of humanity. And if one saves the life of a human being, it is like saving all of humanity.”

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