iPhone Users’ Favorite Instagram App Is Coming To Android

iPhone users might have been familiar with Instagram. It’s now one of the most popular photo-sharing apps. The good news is that it’s coming to Android devices, according to their co-founder though the release that is undisclosed. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced yesterday that the company has reached the million-user milestone in less than three months. Read more

GOOGLE TV Launch To Be Delayed By Technical Glitches & Poor Reviews

Google’s internet based TV is now the booming topic in the electronic world. The internet giant is facing delays of its scheduled launch at CES. It was going to be the hot shot at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January next year. But due to some technical problems, Google have already requested the TV manufacturers to delay the launch, though Sony is optimistic about the launching. Google is thinking of refining the software that will be embedded in the TV due to poor reviews. Read more

WikiLeaks iPhone App Developer To Donate Majority Of Their Earings To WikiLeaks

A few days ago, Apple removed the WikiLeaks app for iPhone & iPod. As the app was unofficial & as well as controversial, Apple decided to let it down. It was charging $2 per download of the app since it popped up on the App Store on December 17th. The developer of the app recently revealed the total breakdown of his app’s reach before it was removed by Apple. He also announced to donate the majority of the earnings to WikiLeaks. Julian Assange must be happy to know that.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Person Of The Year

According to the Financial Times, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is the Person of the Year – 2010. They have announced it on Friday. A few days ago, Times named Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the Person of the Year. It’s tough to question Financial Times as it has been a phenomenal year for Apple under Steve Jobs. Read more