Ringing in a new smartphone year (week in review)

The new year is expected to bring a bumper crop of new smartphones, and Apple may reap the greatest harvest. Perhaps the most long-awaited wireless announcement, Read more

Leaky house? Bring in the blower door

The next time someone tells you that you need all sorts of expensive equipment for energy-efficient buildings, make sure to mention air sealing.

Most people know that adding more insulation to an attic is a good way to cut your energy bills and environmental footprint, but restricting the flow of air into a building is also very valuable, say green building pros.

On a fittingly chilly day last week, I was reminded how important air sealing is when I had a blower door test done at my house. The test, which measures how leaky a building is, showed me that some of my efforts have actually improved the situation and it helped identify other spots where the cold is coming in. Read more

Skype for iPhone adds two-way video calling

Skype for iPhone adds two-way video calling

The word you’re looking for is “finally.” As in, “Oh look, Skype has finally stepped up to the competition by adding two-way video chatting to its VoIP iPhone app!” Indeed, this anticipated addition is one for which Skype-watchers Read more

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the very best for the New Year and may you also have a  wonderful Sewing Year!