Another way to wear…Chanel

I never thought that Parisian fashion house Chanel would have much in common with my local off-licence but guess what?  They both sell temporary tattoos. The Chanel version is sold to a waiting list of label-loving, fashion hungry women and the latter is sold in-between sheets of pink bubblegum to the kids on bikes at the end of the street. Read more

Chanel Nail Varnish

I was lucky enough to receive a delightful Chanel Nail Polish from a kind friend in shade Django. It is a lovely understated pale pink shade with a hint of shimmer. Read more

Ruffle print dress as seen in Vogue

Style bible Vogue surprised me recently when it featured a dress from discount online fashion retailer boohoo  Dress in question is this flower print ruffle ‘Lina’ dress, £25, with studded straps and bodice.  Read more

Kate Moss for Topshop….again

Today was the 12th time that I have gone online to check the Kate Moss collection at Topshop. The 12th time! I don’t see how the popularity in this line continues to grow, but if the astronomical rate at which the clothes sell out is anything to go by, it’s not looking like it’s about to slow down.

Read more