iPhone book charger

For the technophile that just doesn’t want wires and docks upsetting his or her desk area aesthetic. In a cruel twist of fate, it appears that books are now reduced to eking out a living as iPhone chargers.

Price: £26.15

Ion jukebox iPad speaker

Gloriously over the top iPad speaker harks back to the early days of rock ‘n’ roll. At least you don’t need any quarters after you shell out.

Price: $ 69 small, $ 99 medium, $ 249 large

i–Cade 8 bitty

This gaming controller is compatible with your smartphone or tablet. And it looks exactly like a NES pad, although the logo on the front looks and looks to close to “S-Hitty”.

Price: $24,99

Franklin Roadie

For those who need their music amplified everywhere and anywhere, this pint-sized speaker turns any hard, flat surface into a speaker by vibrations. So, removing the need for bulky speakers.

Price: £90

Finis Swimp3 2G MP3 Player

Liven up your sessions in the swimming pool with this underwater MP3 player which ditches earbuds in favour of SAS-style bone-conduction audio tech.

Price: £102