Five $160 To $240 990FX-Based Socket AM3+ Motherboards

Forty-two PCIe lanes give the 990FX a clear connectivity lead over competing Intel chipsets. We compare five class-leading products using AMD’s FX-8150 to see which offers the best combination of performance, overclocking, integrated features, and value.

When it comes to the popularity of our stories, CPUs run second only to new graphics cards (which seem to get everyone’s blood pumping the fastest). Motherboards fall behind quite a ways. That’s a shame though, because the right board is an absolute necessity for connecting processors to GPUs, and every other components inside your machine.

This is where AMD gives a lot of love to its customers, whereas Intel tends to skimp more often. Nowhere is the difference between both company’s mainstream parts more evident than in the chipset segment. The 990FX’s 42 total PCIe 2.0 lanes provide a lot more potential throughput than Intel’s popular Z68 Express, which is limited to 16 lanes from the CPU and a handful more on the Platform Controller Hub.