How to Clean a Logitech Optical Mouse

Optical Mouse

An optical mouse uses a diode to emit light and capture movements on the surface below the mouse. This has many advantages over a mechanical, or ball, mouse. The Logitech optical mouse can work on almost any surface. Since the mouse does not have many moveable parts, it will not gum up with dirt and debris. In addition, the Logitech optical mouse will not break down as quickly as a mouse with mechanical parts. Logitech, a PC peripheral company, has a reputation for making quality PC products at a very economical price point.
Step 1 Unplug your mouse from the PC before cleaning. This prevents you from getting shocked as well as preventing damage to your PC.

Step 2 Use the can of air to blow out all of the crevices on the buttons and wheel. This will assist in dislodging any dirt and gunk that could be stuck in them that could keep them from working properly.

Step 3 Wipe down the outside of your mouse with the soft cloth. You may choose to moisten the cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove any sticky or stuck-on debris.

Step 4 Clean the lens on the bottom of the mouse. Moisten one tip of the cotton swab with the rubbing alcohol. Rub it over the lens to clean.

Step 5 Permit the mouse to dry. Rubbing alcohol tends to dry very quickly, so this should not take more than a minute.

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