Solar Rolls Laptop Charger

SolarRoll solar charger photo

This charger has proven itself a favorite among the outdoor types for backpacking and camping excursions.

Power: The SolarRoll comes in three sizes, depending on the output need. The roll that is powerful enough to charge a laptop has an output of 14 watts. It provides a trickle charge, or can provide a full charge in 5 to 10 hours, depending on the quality of sunlight. Multiple rolls can be linked together to get even more output.

Portability: SolarRolls, as the name says, rolls up, making it very easy to carry around. Also, its waterproof durability makes it safer to cart around and use on damp lawns, or café tables where drinks may be spilled. The large SolarRoll, which can suck up enough sunlight to power your laptop, is actually fairly large, measuring 12” wide by 57” long. So you need a pretty long surface area on which to unroll it in the sun. However, it only weighs 17 oz, and since it rolls up, it is easy to cart around.

Price: Ranges from $295 to $655 depending on the size. However, panel that is powerful enough to charge a laptop is the one priced at $655.

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