Cats Unlock iPhone 5S Fingerprints With Their Furry Little Paws

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.26.36 AM

With their domination on the Internet, their ability to reduce humans into blubbering masses of putty, and their penchant for stylish outfits, felines may be evolving at an unnaturally fast pace. Which is fine by us; we welcome our kitty overlords. As further evidence of the oncoming cat-ocalypse, the wizards over at Techcrunch asked the question that is currently dominating thetech industry. Does the new iPad fingerprint sensor work for paws, too? The answer, fortunately, is an emphatic yes. Thank the cat gods.

A quick refresher: The new iPhone 5S has a fingerprint sensor that will let users unlock the phone with their unique fingerprint. In the test conducted by the site, skin areas like forearms and the heel of the palm also work, albeit not as well as an actual fingerprint. The paw wasn’t a flawless experiment, either, but any cat owner might posit that the margin for error may be less about the viability of the paw print and more about the fact that cats don’t like to be forced to put their little mitts on things. Interestingly, a cat paw is similar to a fingerprint in that it is unique to the cat, so no other felines would be able to hack into the phone once the owner set its print to the device. Also relevant: Based on experiments done via smooching, did you know that paw pads and kitty noses have the same type of skin? Possibilities = endless.


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