Tip of the Day: Your Apple EarPods Do A Lot More Than Turn the Volume Up Or Down

Once you get over the fact that Apple’s earbuds are called EarPods™ you can start to appreciate all the cool things you can do with them. You can answer and decline calls, fast-forward and rewind songs, take pictures, and more with your Apple earphones. Oh yeah, and you can also adjust the volume up and down.

Fast-forwarding and rewinding and skipping between music tracks and video chapters only works if the app you are using supports it. (For example, you can’t skip back to a previous song in iTunes Radio, so you can’t do it with your EarPods either. But you will be able to skip to the next song.)

Girl using Apple earphones

Using Earphones During Video or Music Playback

To start or stop music or a video

Press the center button once to play or pause.

To skip to the next song or chapter

Press the center button twice quickly.

To fast-forward

Press the center button twice quickly and hold.

To go to the previous song or chapter

Press the center button three times quickly.

To rewind

Press the center button three times quickly and hold.


Using Earphones During Phone Calls

To answer or end a call

Press the center button once to answer or end your call

To decline incoming calls

Hold down the center button for about two seconds, then let go. When you let go, you will hear two beeps indicating that you successfully declined the call.

To place a call on hold when switching between calls

Press the center button once to switch to switch to an incoming or on-hold call. You current call will be put on hold. Press again to switch back.

To end a call when switching between calls

When ending a call and switching to an on-hold or incoming call, press and hold the center button for about two seconds. When you let go, you will hear two beeps indicating that you successfully ended the call you just left.

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