Maintain Your Lifestyle Even If You Have Hemorrhoids

health_2For those who suffer from painful hemorrhoids and is seeking help to treat your hemorrhoids, maintaining your current lifestyle can be quite challenging. However, that does not mean giving up your dates or rejecting dinner plans with your family or friends.

You can keep in mind a few useful pointers and temporarily relive mild hemorrhoids pain with some of the proven self-care measures.

1. Over-the-counter hemorrhoids products.

These are readily available everywhere in pharmacies. Just make sure that you purchase the right one for your hemorrhoids. Often, products that contain hydrocortisone or hazel or a topical numbing agent usually does the job quite well.
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2. Clean that area

Common sense prevails here where you need to keep your anal area clean. Gently apply warm water around your anal region without soap as soap may aggravate the hemorrhoids. Minimize moisture after taking a shower will help to relieve irritation. If you can, soak your anal area regularly with a warm bath for relieve.

3. Cold packs for swelling

If your hemorrhoids starts to swell, compress the anus region with ice packs for relieve.

4. Use wipes where possible.

After a bowel movement, try not to use dry toilet paper. Instead, keep a pack of moist towelettes with you all the time and use them to clean the anal region. Make sure they do not contain any perfume or alcohol.

These self-care measures may be able to relieve hemorrhoids when you need it, but you have to know that they do not heal, cure or make your hemorrhoids disappear. As a rule of thumb, if your hemorrhoids do not disappear after these hemorrhoids treatments, it is also advisable to seek out your doctor advice. Else you could look for alternative treatment for hemorrhoids in the market. Be sure to look for products that are tested and proven by hemorrhoids sufferers.

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