A Thing Of The Day: A Bag With A Handkerchief Balenciaga

The fact that the silk handkerchief is the trend of this season, we already said. This is an indispensable accessory in the women’s wardrobe, which has a variety of uses. As it turned out, with his help you can decorate not only the head or neck but also to supplement your favorite bag, making it more elegant in a hundredfold. Options for decorating the bag with a handkerchief are many: you can simply tie it to the handle, for example, in the form of a bow, or improvise and make a handle for a handkerchief bag. A bright handkerchief on the bag will give her a second life.
It is important to remember one rule: the bag should be the base color. Like a black bag with logos on the Balenciaga chain, for example. If you look at it once, you will not be able to pass by. You can wear this with anything you like: a bag with a handkerchief will look good together with a printed skirt and a red oversize sweater.

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