Can You Get Unblocked From a Site That Your Internet Provider Has Blocked?

Internet filtering can reduce network performance up to 75 percent in countries with mandatory filtering, such as Australia. If an ISP blocks a site, you can bypass its filtering, but your ISP will not approve of taking such action.


  1. Bypassing your ISP’s Internet filter likely violates the terms and conditions of your service, according to MasterNewMedia. Also, some services that help you avoid filters may still record your computer’s identifying information anyway.

    Bypassing Filters

  2. One of the quickest ways to bypass a filter is by visiting a Web-based proxy. A Web-based proxy fetches websites for you, so your ISP only sees that you visited the address of your proxy, according to Tech FAQ. You can also use an HTTP tunneling program to hide request to restricted websites.


  3. You may be able to legally view a restricted website by viewing its cached version, according to MasterNewMedia. If you search for your desired website in a search engine, it usually has a link to an archival copy next to the link.

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