Sarah Paulson and Amanda Murphy in the New Prada Campaign

In July, the season of autumn advertising campaigns began. Presented last season at the Milan Fashion Week, autumn and winter collections gradually appear in online and offline stores. So, Prada presented a new advertising campaign for the season FW`18 / 19.

In the new season, this feature performs a short film called Neon Dream with American actresses Sarah Paulson and Amanda Murphy. In the film, there are many night scenery of Las Vegas and the illumination of the famous Sunset-strip, as well as new images from the recently presented collection.

New Prada Campaign

Top 5 Tv Series With the Most Beautiful Costumes, Which Everyone Should See


We adore summer not only for the opportunity to dress in a completely new way, but also because without a twinge of conscience you can watch movies all day long: old, long ago become a classic, or a new one, about which everyone has already talked, but your hands have only reached now . The editorial staff of FWD has collected five of the films with the most beautiful outfits, fashion adepts will definitely appreciate. Everything says that these series are worthy of your attention.

Sherlock: The Ugly Bride

Britain amazes imagination with amazing costumes – both female and male. When it comes to Sherlock Holmes, you immediately imagine a hunting cap and coat on the floor. “Modern” hero, too, dresses with a needle. The series is a free adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works about a private detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. John Watson. Action episode show takes place in an alternate timeline: in an atmosphere of Victorian London with tons of cool costumes.

“Downton Abbey”

The film recreates the atmosphere of England at the beginning of the 20th century both with character characters and entourage in the frame, it touches topics such as technical progress (the appearance of electricity, phones, cars in everyday life), the emancipation of women, the First World War, the Spanish flu epidemic and much more. The history of the English family, which captivated the hearts of TV viewers around the world, made it possible to trace the real transformation of the fashion of the early twentieth century. Interestingly, in 2011, the series entered the Guinness Book of Records as “the most critically-discussed television series.”


Mr. Selfridge

Again England and again fashion. The series tells about the ambitious entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge, disappointed in the quality of retail trade in England and opened his own shopping center in 1909. Stunning costumes and British humor will ensure you enjoy viewing.







“American horror story: Hotel”

Lady Gaga as an actress? Nothing surprising. Charming and glamorous countess, the owner of a luxury hotel and a vampire really surprised not only by the unexpectedly bright game, but also dresses in the spirit of the best times of Hollywood. In the image of Countess mass of references to popular movie characters and cult designers of the past. The basis of the elegant appearance was the costumes of the chief costume designer MGM of the Golden Age of Hollywood Adrian and the style of Daphne Guinness.




“Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”

The novel takes place in the alternative England of the XIX century during the Napoleonic wars; magic once existed in England and now returns again thanks to two men: Gilbert Norrell and Jonathan Strange. Fantasy film certainly deserves a prize for the best work of artists in costumes and decorations. The interiors and costumes of England in the early nineteenth century, with its frowning mood, were recreated in great detail.



The New Era of the Japanese Rococo Market

The New Era of the Japanese Rococo Market

For those who are interested in the luxury market, it’s no secret that in 2016 Japan withdrew from the 20-year deflation, and in the last two years has returned to growth. And although in recent months, the country’s GDP growth has slowed, it remains attractive to the luxury industry.

Between 2010 and 2015, according to Euromonitor International, the value of the Japanese luxury market jumped by almost 25% from $ 20.9 billion to $ 26.1 billion. The growth was not as steep as in China, 52% over the same period, but for the developed market it was amazing.

The New Era of the Japanese Rococo Market

The Japanese market is of interest, as consumer confidence is growing again, as are retail sales. In the domestic market there is a rather high demand. In addition, this country has registered a large tourist flow from Southeast Asia, especially from China.

It is interesting that Chinese tourists, meanwhile, come to Japan not just in record numbers, but on a scale that surpassed the government’s most optimistic forecasts. Jin Weijun, a tourist from Dalian in northeast China, corresponds to the stereotype of a Chinese tourist: he and his girlfriend spent the last hour in Mitsukoshi, buying four jewelry from Van Cleef & Arpels. ” If your friends know that you were in Tokyo, then, of course, you can not go back empty-handed. It is necessary to buy something. “, Says Mr. Jin, who works as a website designer.

It is also worth noting that in department stores, which remain the main sales channel in the country, the volume of sales of luxury goods has increased slightly. Higher growth, about 5%, was noted only in those department stores that, like Hankyu, were able to update and improve their services, organizing events in stores and improving the marketing strategy.

Saint Laurent Offered a Record Amount for a Store in Milan

Saint Laurent Offered a Record Amount for a Store in Milan

1 million euros for the store! If the Italian retail trade was a competition, the fashionable House Saint Laurent could definitely claim the role of a winner.

Probably, the municipality of Milan did not expect such a player as Sl Luxury Retail srl, which operates the retail network of Saint Laurent in Italy. Why? Everything is very simple, because the fashion house wants to rent a room of 883 square meters in the city’s trade gallery – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.


According to the Italian media, Saint Laurent offered an amount of 1 million euros a year to provide an 18-year lease of the premises.

This is a record for the tourist and shopping center, given that the auction started from 131 000 euros for a store with one window, currently occupied by the label Nara Kamichi. The second after Saint Laurent bid of 402 thousand euros made a shoe brand Moreschi, followed by Luxottica, which offered 401 thousand euros. Among other applicants were Richemont Italia and Damiani, who offered 257 thousand and 201 thousand euros per year, respectively.

Milan Italy Galleria
Who will occupy the premises, rented now by the brand Nara Camicie, the municipality of Milan will definitively decide a few months after consideration of all applications. If the Saint Laurent championship is confirmed, the French fashion house will join the other luxury tenants of the shopping gallery – Prada, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Gucci and Chanel.

The Norwegian Brand Sued Off-white


Norwegian sports brand Helly Hansen sued Off-White. According to them, the brand Virgil Ablo uses in his collections a logo very reminiscent of their original version, which Helly Hansen came up with 40 years ago.

The Norwegian company is going to seek financial compensation, and if it wins the case, Off-White will have to abandon the logo, destroy all of its products, labels, labels, prints, advertisements and other materials with the “stolen” logo, and compensate Helly Hansen all losses.