5 Rules When Choosing Clothes In The Office, Which Will Help To Cope With The Heat

In August, summer reaches its peak, as does the temperature that ruthlessly tests us with high rates. If you did not manage to escape to warmer lands with a cool ocean or sea and every weekday you happen to spend in the office, then we know how to help you, at least with the choice of clothes. How not to break the office dress code, to remain at the same time stylish and feel comfortable in the summer heat? We propose to adhere to 5 rules.
1. If the thing is suitable for the weather, it does not mean that it is suitable for the office Denim shorts, tops, strapless, light dresses that denude too much body, it is worth detaining until the weekend.
2. Jeans or pantyhose is a bad idea It is convenient and versatile, but from the feeling of comfort, you will have to give up.
3. Think of how the New York editor of the section “Fashion” Fashion editors in the Big Apple spend money on summer clothes with the mind, while managing to look stylish. A loose cotton dress and sandals on a flat sole are an excellent option for a megacity. Sandals can be replaced with an evening version – for example, sandals of bright coloring on a low heel.
4. Shorts always help out If your office dress code allows you to wear shorts, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. In fact, unlike jeans or pants, shorts give the body more freedom and open your tanned legs. Ideal office option – shorts paired with a monochrome shirt.
5. Never underestimate a simple black or white dress In combination with a tan, a black or white dress of free silhouette made from natural fabrics (linen, cotton, chiffon) looks elegant and stylish. This summer option is great for those who do not like to bother with the selection of clothes in the hot season.

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