Another Dress Of Melania Trump Exhibited In The Museum

A first lady is a person and representative of her country, therefore her manner of dressing should correspond not only to the status but also to fashion trends. Despite the fact that the images of the first lady of the USA – Melania Trump are constantly criticized ( remember only a cloak with the inscription “I do not care”, in which she met with migrant children), the influence of her style is inevitable.
Once again, the employees of the museum decided to express the influence of Trump on fashion. In the museum of the Presidential Library of Richard Nixon, located in Southern California, an exhibition dedicated to the outfits of the first ladies of the United States was opened. “Why did they wear this: politics and pop culture of the first ladies”. Among the many exhibits, you can see the silver midi dress of Milonia from Dolce & Gabbana, in which she attended the concert of the La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra in Taormina in May 2017.
Recall that last year at the exposition of the Smithsonian Museum was put on a dress that Trump put on an inaugural ball.

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