Chanel Created Perfumes in Honor of the Favorite Cities of Coco Chanel

Despite Coco Chanel’s love for Paris, among her favorite cities were also Deauville, Biarritz, and Venice. This fact was the reason for the perfumer Olivier Polja to create three summer fragrances that were included in the collection of Les Eaux De Chanel.

The spirits of Paris – Deauville are dedicated to the French Deauville, which is located in the Normandy region. It was in this town in 1913 that Koko opened her first store. The fragrance is filled with jasmine, basil rose and citrus notes.

The city of Biarritz is dedicated to the fragrance of Paris – Biarritz. It was here, on the Atlantic coast, that Chanel loved to spend time on her yacht. Perfume contains notes of mandarin, lily, and grapefruit.

Paris – Venise represents Venice, where the French designer was sent to recharge his creative energy. The fragrance contains the notes of amber, geranium, Dipterix, and vanilla.

All perfumes will be available for purchase in June this year.

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