My Goal On This Planet Is Not To Continue The Race.” Jennifer Aniston Talked About Life After A Divorce

In mid-February, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Teru announced their divorce, who were married for two and a half years. Jennifer for a long time did not comment on what was happening, however, in a recent interview with the American glossy InStyle told the whole truth about her health and personal life to refute the false information that appears in the media.
The greatest impression on the readers was made by the words of the 49-year-old actress about the continuation of the family and personal life.
“This is madness. “Jen cannot hold a man,” “Jen does not want to have children, because she’s selfish and devoted only to her career” or, for example, “Jen is heartbroken and sad all the time.” With all due respect, but my heart is not broken. Nobody knows what happens behind closed doors. Nobody knows how this can be unpleasant for me and my partner. Nobody knows what I experienced emotionally and how it affected my health. There is some pressure on women who did not become mothers: they are considered to be defective. Perhaps my goal on this planet is not to continue the race. Maybe I have other tasks that I have to fulfill? “- says Aniston.
The actress also told that she is not afraid to meet the 50th anniversary and is ready for new impressions.

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