New Rules: How The Queen Of Spain Appeared In Boats For $ 100?

Regardless of whether this is an official exit or not, the Queen of Spain, Letizia, does not stop experimenting with her shoes.
So, today, at an official reception at the headquarters of the Spanish association against cancer in Madrid, the wife of King Philip VI appeared in a pair of black boats from the democratic brand Steve Madden for only $ 100.
As we know, Letitia is not the first royal person who easily wears mass-market brands. For example, Kate Middleton has already appeared several times in a coat from Zara. However, to date, such metamorphoses in the royal dress code are still perceived in the society ambiguously.
Of the jewelry on this day, the Queen wore only earrings, and, of course, she made daytime make-up and laconic styling. Recently, Letitia often appears in public without jewelry, but still looks very elegant.

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