Nike Accused Of Discrimination Against Women And Unequal Pay

Former employees of the sports brand Nike accuse the company of discrimination based on gender. Two employees, who worked in the company earlier, filed a lawsuit against the brand, claiming that they were paid half their salary than their fellow men for the same job. Also, male employees are often promoted to posts. In their lawsuit, women are seeking that the company develop and establish fair standards for evaluating productivity, pay and making career decisions.
After filing the lawsuit, Nike president Trevor Edwards resigned and in August 2018 will leave the post. The plaintiffs are sure that the decision to resign Edwards took only because of the fact that the team has developed an extremely hostile atmosphere towards women.
Kelly Cahill held the position of brand marketing director and pointed out in her statement that last year she was paid $ 20,000 less than her male counterparts. Sarah Johnson, the second employee who filed a lawsuit, claims that there is sexual harassment in the company. So, on March 5, Nike CEO Mark Parker received many questionnaires from women working at Nike headquarters. A group of women was asked whether they had ever been sexually harassed or discriminated against while working for Nike.
The company tries in every possible way to avoid conflict situations, arguing that they are against discrimination. The representative of Nike stressed that “the company opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.”
” We are striving to ensure that our employees have competitive salaries. The vast majority of Nike employees live in accordance with our values – they respect others, “company representatives said.

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