Launch games official, pre-E3 info explodes NGP

Sony has lifted a bulk embargo on pre-E3 NGP content, confirming the new Uncharted title as Golden Abyss and giving early access to the machine itself. ton of pre-E3 information pertaining to Sony’s NGP has gone live today, including the handheld’s specs and launch line-up. You can find links to absolutely everything from every site below. The system, which was officially announced back in January, will have the following games available day one:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss: Developed by Bend Studios, the game will contain the same sort of adventures and action you are used to with the series, as well as the intoduction of touch and tilt controls.
wipEout 2084: The game is set during the birth of “anti-gravity racing” and features a near-future environmentsand the ability to play against PS3 racers on WipEout HD Fury.
Little Deviants: This title contains a series of “madcap adventures” which will utlize NGP’s rear touch pad, touch screen, the motion sensor, and both the front and rear cameras. It contains augmented reality elements and makes use of the handheld’s microphone.
Reality Fighters: An augmented reality fighting game in which you capture yourself using the NGP camera andgo up against other fighters around the world.
Super Stardust Delta: The game uses the dual analog sticks, plus the touch screen and motion sensing controls.
Sound Shapes (working title): Play, compose and share with other NGP users with this “side-scrolling platformer.” In it, you will create music with your actions using the touch screen and share them with the PSN community.
Hustle Kings: Like the PSN version, only handhled and makes use of precision controls via the touch screen and rear touch pad.
Everybody’s Golf: ClapHanz has added touch and tilt controls to the game of golf which also includes online multiplayer.
Resistance Retribution: Since you will be also to play your PSP games from the PlayStation Store on NGP, start with James Grayson’s voyage across Europe which makes use of the NGP’s dual analog sticks.
Many hardware previews have also gone live today, telling of a console rather large in size with a 5? OLED screen. It has small face buttons, but, according to all reports, it doesn’t feel as big as it looks and it fits well in your jeans.
As revealed back in January, it has two analog sticks on each side of the screen, which, according to Ars Technica, feel a bit like the Dual Shock 3: it takes only “seconds” to get used to them.
The touch panel on the back is being reported as smooth, and you don’t notice it unless you are using it. It apparently allows for easy adjusting of the front screen’s size.
The system is backwards compatible with PSP games. So far, nothing is known of the machine’s final battery life.
NGP will release this year. Expect a lot more from E3.

Saitek and Mad Catz put out new controllers for flight sim fans

I remember playing Flight Simulator 4.0 way back when I was a kid, and thinking then how it was the most realistic game of all time. It probably still is. We played it on a keyboard, though my friend’s dad eventually got a whole instrument bank and yoke, at which point he pretty much played it 24/7 and we had to find something else to do. The point of this story is that flight sim people are into it, and although you might think that the information panels and switch collections they collect are over the top, for them it can never be close enough to the real thing.

Saitek’s new gear looks pretty cool, though to be honest I’m no judge of this stuff. But thethrottle knobs and switch bank piece looks pretty meaty, the information panel looks legit, and the combat-style pedals will make you think you’re really flying an F-16, and notpretending to fly a Sopwith Camel.

Of course, this stuff comes at a price. $200 for the pedals, $150 for the each of the panels. Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but remember, this is more than a game. This is a hobby, and nobody thinks twice about paying a thousand bucks for a new bike, or surfboard, or tool bench.

PlayStation 3 Slim

If you’ve been holding off on buying a PlayStation 3 (PS3) for one of many reasons — it’s too expensive, it’s too big, it looks too much like a George Foreman Grill — then you may have run out of excuses with the PS3 Slim. This smaller, lighter, quieter, and more energy-efficient hardware comes in at a perfectly manageable $300, and the beautiful matte design won’t bother than non-gaming aesthetes in your house (nor will the Blu-ray functionality, of course). Like more recent iterations of the PS3, it won’t play your PlayStation 2 (PS2) games, but that’s a small price to pay; it comes with a 120-gigabyte (GB) hard drive and a Wireless DualShock 3 controller, which means you’ll be gaming right out of the box. (As long as you buy a game with it, that is.)

Pink Anarkali Chiffon

Gift Guide: BFG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 H2OC Watercooled GPU

f you’re a gamer yourself, BFG’s Frankenstein monster of graphical terror needs no introduction. If you aren’t, then here’s the gist: BFG’s modded NVIDIA GTX 295 is to date the most powerful consumer GPU on the market (the thing in a computer that handles the onscreen graphics), and can handle insane amounts of 3D graphical wizardry with aplomb, which you’d expect for $500-plus smackeroos. To cut down on heat and fan noise that comes with overclocking, BFG went ahead and installed a maintenance-free liquid-cooling system, which not only sounds awesome, but should work wonders in keeping your PC from sounding like a jet engine in the midst of a heated CoD4 ambush. Trust us, if your kid, significant other, or friend is an avid PC gamer, this is what they’re secretly pining for.