5 Steps To Wake Up Without An Alarm

5 Steps To Wake Up Without An AlarmNow that I have sold you on the benefits of waking up early, I hope that I can get you to try the thing that many people dread and that is waking up early. And the interesting thing is that I intend you to do it without using an alarm clock.

Impossible, you think? No, it is possible and it won’t even take much effort if you follow the simple steps that I use for waking up early morning.

Step 1) Have an awakening goal
An awakening goal is a goal that will make you want to get up out of the bed and reach for that goal. This goal should be a motivation for you which should make it so precious you cannot thing of wasting a moment unless this goal is achieved. This goal could be anything from progress at work to getting a fit body to spending more time with your family. The important thing is that you should want to achieve this goal as fast as possible whatever the cost which in this case will be your procrastination. Goals are so important that I want to repeat it again. Set a goal so important to you that you MUST wake up early.

When I set a goal such as to get a fit body, the thought is clear in my mind that I cannot afford to not get up early because that may mean waste of a day in achieving my goals. When the awakening goal is clear, the intent to achieve that goal becomes so strong that you will automatically awaken even before the alarm clock starts ringing.

Step 2) Eat dinner early
The body takes some time to digest the food so eat your dinner atleast an hour before going to bed. Sleeping immediately after dinner is an invitation for restlessness and improper sleep.

I recommend following the “Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” theory that suggests a light meal as dinner. This is good because a light dinner allows the body to spend time in relaxation when you are in deep sleep instead of trying to process a heavy meal.

Step 3) Go to bed early
To wake up early, it is very important that you are completely rested and that can only happen when you sleep early. So say goodbye to those reality shows and TV programmes that do nothing but take away your precious time.

I set myself a particular time every night when I decide to go to sleep and it is good to keep this time the same everyday because our body clock gets tuned to the time we sleep and wake up. I also prefer to take up the habit of reading books just before going to sleep. This not only helps in improving myself but since you can do this in bed, you can immediately fall asleep and get a restful night’s sleep.

Step 4) Make sunlight your alarm clock
Sleep near a window when you can possibly get sunlight in the morning. The beautiful rays of the early morning sun is a great way to wake up early. You could consider the sunlight and the birds singing as a natural alarm clock if you want.

I find the sunlight as a great source to start your day with energy. Five minutes of meditation in the golden rays of the sun can do wonders for your body and soul.

Step 5) Jump out of bed
Many people do wake up in the morning, maybe with an alarm or without. But then there is a voice in the head that tells them to go back to sleep in the comfy bed for just another 5 minutes which ends up being another five minutes and finally turns into an hour. The tip is to immediately get out of bed the moment you wake up. Just start walking towards the bathroom and splash some water on your face. Take a shower immediately when you wake up.

Are you an early riser or is it painful for you to get out of bed? Do you feel the above steps may be helpful to you to wake up early?

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