Baby Bottle Sterilizer Reviews

Trying to bottle feed a newborn baby will require many baby bottles and the ability to sterilize both the bottles and nippers so as to ensure they remain bacteria free. Baby bottle sterilizers are a great inexpensive way to sterilize and clean baby bottles at the same time. These days, parents have the option of purchasing a baby bottle sterilizer that does most of the work for them. There are namely 3 types of baby bottle sterilizers to choose from – electric steam sterilizers, stove top sterilizers and microwave sterilizers. The stove top varieties come with racks and rings to keep the nipples and bottles in place. As for the steam sterilizers, which are also referred to as free standing bottle sterilizers, they can do a good job of keeping your bottles sterile and in good condition. If you are looking to disinfect the baby bottle and kill the bacteria quickly, then you should consider getting the microwave bottle sterilizers which only cost around $30 at Amazon.

Some of the best bottle sterilizer brands are the following: Dr Brown’s, Philips Avent, The First years, Gerber, and Born Free. The best-selling Philips Avent iQ24 Steam Sterilizer without Bottle current retails for around $70 and has received rave reviews on parenting and consumer websites. A cheaper option will be the Philips Avent Express Microwave Baby Bottle Sterilizer which is priced under $30 and has received excellent feedback from both owners and baby product experts. It seems that most parents tend to prefer the microwave steam sterilizers and overall consumer review on this variety is typically better than for the basic steam sterilizers.

The electric bottle sterilizers are generally much pricier than the microwave models. That said, you can also find an electric baby bottle sterilizer than works in microwaves as well. As with most online parenting forums, many comments about baby bottle sterilizers warned new parents to ensure they “clean the baby bottles and nipples thoroughly” before placing them into the sterilizer. You might think this is unnecessary, but sterilizing baby bottles thus keeping them free of bacteria will be a great way to protect your infant’s health.

An electric baby bottle steam sterilizer is able to accommodate up to 6 baby bottles and they will usually sterilize baby bottle in less than 10 minutes. Most parents appreciate the fact that they are easy to operate – just add the water and then plug it in. Whichever electric baby bottles sterilizer you go with should have the ability to hold a maximum temperature of 212 degrees fahrenheit and the unit should also have an automatic shut off switch so that it switches off once the sterilization and cooling process are complete. The microwavable sterilizers work a bit faster (some can do it in less than 6 minutes) but they tend to have a smaller capacity (usually can accommodate only up to 4 bottles). The process is pretty much the same – just add water, put in microwave, set the timer, press start and then let them cool once it’s done. The smaller units are highly portable and compact, and you can take them along when you are on the go. Otherwise, you can purchase the higher capacity baby bottle sterilizers for your home.

You can find plenty of bottle sterilizer reviews at websites such as Amazon, Epinions, Nextag and Buzzillions. RECOMMENDED – I suggest that you shop online at since they carry all the leading brands and their products usually have the lowest prices online. Besides, you can even read dozens of reviews on each specific baby bottle sterilizer thus giving you the necessary knowledge to make a good buying decision.

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