How to Avoid Summer Colds.

How to Avoid  Summer Colds


Colds and sinus congestion may seem like a winter thing, but more often than not, people tend to get a cold in the summer. Do not let summer colds ruin any relaxation or vacation time by doing things beforehand to help prevent them. By following these simple steps, you can help avoid catching a summer cold.


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      Purchase a bottle of black or green tea. The more often you drink this tea, the more proteins you will help gain to fight off germs that can potentially cause your summer cold. A nice green tea will be refreshing on a hot summer day as well.

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      Relax. Simple relaxation will lower your stress level and help to avoid summer colds; when you are stressed, your body is more prone to allow viruses to infect your immune system. Take a long weekend, spend a day in the hammock, or do whatever you need to relax and fend off the summer cold.

    • 3

      Cut your summer cold risk by more than 75% by taking a couple of naps every week. That does not mean you should be sleeping in until 3pm everyday, but a 30 minute to a 1 hour nap will help build your antibodies and can be factored into the relaxation factor as well.

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      Eat an orange. Oranges taste good and are great for your overall health, but they also feature bioflavonoids that help prevent germs from spreading and, therefore, lower rates of summer colds. Eat three to four a week to help avoid summer colds almost all together.

    • 5

      Get out in the sun. Sitting in an air conditioned room too long can mess with your nostrils and give an open port to viruses and sinus problems in your nose. Take fifteen minutes to a half hour break away from the air conditioner every now and then to get some fresh air.

    • 6

      Use mouth wash or gargle water. This can get rid of germ cells that sit in your mouth and throat. Keep your mouth and body clean and healthy so you can enjoy the summer.

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