70-Year-Old Woman Tests Out Autopilot Of Tesla Model S, Gives The Best Reaction Ever

A 70-year-old woman rides on a Tesla Model S with the autopilot system on for the first time, and her reaction is far from thrilled and more on borderline terrified.

At any rate, it’s still one of the best reactions to the state-of-the-art technology on the Internet.

YouTube user William Rimmer uploaded a video of her mother testing out the feature of the electric car, perfectly capturing how people would likely respond to handing over the driving duties to a computer on a two-lane highway.

“Oh Jesus. This is my first day out, and I’m going to die!” she screams, sitting on the driver’s seat and after asking her son to put her back in control of the Model S.

Interestingly, users have mixed reactions to the footage. Some say that it’s a bit cruel to do this to an elderly woman, while others­ – if not most – find it to be hilarious.

Now, this isn’t anything new, as plenty of people have been making videos of testing out what the autopilot system of the Model lineup can do, ranging from downright informative to horrifying and hilarious ones.

Of course, the electric car maker has already come across these clips, and as a countermeasure of sorts, it toned down the functions of the technology in their vehicles to keep the most adventurous testers safe from harm.

The bottom line is that autopilot may be the future of driving, but it’s apparently not for everyone just yet.

Hit up the video below to see her priceless reaction.