How do I stop laptop memory failure?

The Motorola Atrix can be used like a laptop computer using a 'Lapdock'


After going through an airport security scanner, my fully charged netbook had its battery completely drained. Since then it does not appear to hold its charge for nearly as long as it did before. Do you think that the scanner is responsible? And if so, how worried should I be about any further damage being done?

Cassius Chanides, by email

There is no mechanism that I am aware of whereby the very low doses of X-Ray radiation from airport scanners can drain, let alone harm rechargeable batteries. There is also no evidence that they damage laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, flash memories, hard drives, CDs or DVDs. More likely explanations are that the battery was flat to begin with, the laptop was on or in standby mode or the battery was simply at the end of its useful life. That’s not to say there are no risks to digital media in airport security. Hard drives may, theoretically, be affected by the electromagnetic fields produced by metal detectors and I’ve even heard of ultra cautious travellers avoiding putting their PCs on the very end of scanner machine conveyor belts where there may be a large drive motor.




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