How to make iced coffee

I see a lot of people and restaurants do this incorrectly, so I’m revealing my great secret iced-coffee recipe.

How not to make iced coffee

Some common offenses:

  • Pouring hot coffee over ice: This just yields weak, watered-down coffee that isn’t very cold.
  • Adding sugar after it’s cold: Sugar won’t dissolve in cold water, so you get occasional sips full of crunchy sugar granules and otherwise unsweetened coffee.
  • Adding flavor syrups without stirring: I’m looking at you, Dunkin’ Donuts. The first sip is sickeningly sweet because it’s all syrup, then all subsequent sips are bland.

How to do it right

Make strong coffee

Ice will significantly dilute the final cup, so you need to start with strong coffee to get a good flavor. While I usually use a 2:3 ratio of scoops to “cups” for hot coffee, iced coffee needs a 1:1 ratio. If in doubt, use more.

Add sugar

While it’s still hot, stir in your desired sugar amount. Sweeten slightly more than usual. I don’t put any sugar in hot coffee, but I’ve found that iced coffee is great with slightly less than 1 teaspoon per coffee “cup”.

Chill overnight

Don’t add ice! Just put it in the fridge.

Pour over ice

Serve over a lot of ice. I suggest a bit of cream. Stir very well.

Wait… then enjoy

Let it sit for a minute to allow the ice to chill the coffee further and melt slightly. Then give it a final stir, and enjoy.

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