iPhone Secrets Tips & Tricks

iPhone Secrets Tips & Tricks

iPhone Shortcuts

Shortcut to top of iPhone screen

  • Tap on the status bar at the top of iPhone screen to quickly scroll to top of page in web browser, email, or SMS message.

Quickly change apps with the multitasking bar

  • Double press the home button to bring up the multitasking bar.  All your open apps will appeal so you can swap between two recently opened apps without having to close the one you are using.

Control music while surfing the web or using other apps

  • Double press the home button to bring up the multitasking bar.  Slide finger to the right across the bar and hidden music controls will appear.  Now you can quickly skip a song or pause without exiting the app.

View all your notifications

  • Slide your finger down from the status bar to access the notification center.  If no status bar is showing, slide your finger down from the top of the screen.  You can clear notifications by tapping the x and then clear to keep only the most important app updates in notification center.

Instantly Silence your iPhone

  • Tap one of the volume buttons on the side of your phone to immediately silence your phone if it is ringing or vibrating.

Send to Voicemail

  • Press the on/off button on the top of your iPhone twice.  If you’re using the headset you can tap the microphone twice to send the caller directly to voicemail.

Redail on iPhone

  • Open phone and tap on keypad.  Tap call twice and it will retail the last dialed number.

Lock iPhone Screen in Portrait

  • Lock your screen so it doesn’t rotate when placed on a table or when you’re lying down by double tapping the home button to open the multitasking bar.  Slide your finger to the right and find the rotation lock icon on the far left.  Tap on the rotation lock icon to lock your screen, and then tap it again to unlock your screen.

Go Back to First Screen on iPhone

  • Press the home button to quickly go back to the first screen.

Search for Anything on your iPhone – Spotlight Search

  • Access Spotlight search by swiping to it (left of the first screen) or pressing the home button while on the first screen of apps.  Now you can search your iPhone for contacts, apps music, podcasts, video, audio-books, notes, emails, calendar entries, and SMS messages.  Use Spotlight to quickly dial a contact or launch an app.  Use Spotlight to search the web and Wikipedia.
Find Your Own Number on your iPhone
  • Your own number is located on the top of your contacts.
Take a Screenshot on your iPhone
  • Press the him and on/off buttons at the same time.  The screen will flash and the camera sound will play.  View the screenshot in Camera Roll in the photos app.  Use the screenshot feature to same images from apps and websites.
Organize iPhone
Move or Delete Apps
  • Hold your finger on one of the apps for a couple seconds and they will all start to shake.  Drag them around to rearrange.  Delete downloaded apps by tapping the x.
Delete Individual Calls
  • Tap recents in the phone app and swipe across the call with your finger to reveal the delete button.  Tap the delete button and your call will disappear.  To delete all entries, tap the edit button and then clear button.  Tap clear all recents and the list will be emptied.
Create Folders for your iPhone
  • Group up to twelve apps together in a folder by dragging one app on top of the other.  This creates a folder that you can name and move around.  You can also place your folder on the dock at the bottom of your screen.
Check App Size and Delete on iPhone
  • If your iPhone is low on memory, open settings, general, then usage.  This shows you all your apps, music, and videos with the amount of room they take up.  Tap an app to see what it is using, then delete app to free up memory.
Battery Life
  • Save battery on iPhone by turning off individual connections.  Turn off Wi-Fi connection in settings, Wi-Fi.  Turn off 3G in settings, general, network, turn off enable 3G.  Turn off Bluetooth in settings, general, Bluetooth.  Disable all connections at once by turning on Airplane Mode in settings.
  • Turn off push email to save batter on iPhone.  Go to settings, mail, fetch new data, turn off push and set fetch to manual.  To receive email with push switched off, open the mail app.
  • Keep your iPhone in cool temperatures (32-95 degrees Fahrenheit).  Don’t leave your phone in a hot car on in a case that doesn’t give your phone air.  If your phone gets too hot you will see a warning message.
  • Tuff off location.  To see which apps are using your location, open settings, location services.  You can turn off all location services at the top, or control apps individually.
  • Turn off local weather.  Open the weather app, tap the i, and turn off local weather.
  • Add the battery life percentage indicator in your status bar.  Go to settings, general, then usage, so you have a more accurate idea of the battery power left.
  • No lock screen notifications.  Turn off notifications on your lock screen in settings, notifications.  Tap the app, scroll down and turn off viewing lock screen.  Now the notification won’t turn on the screen and use battery power. You have to edit each one individually.
  • Close the apps you’re not using so they don’t drain your battery.  Access the multitasking bar to check for open apps, and close the apps by tapping and holding the icons, then tapping the minus.
  • Dim your screen by turning down the brightness.  Open settings, brightness, and move the slider to make the screen darker. You can also set the auto-lock time lower by settings, general, auto-lock. Select a shorter time to use less power.


  • Hold shift down when typing to capitalize a whole word.
  • Slide for capitals – Quickly enter a capital by tapping and holding the shift button, then dragging your finger over to the letter you want and let go.
  • Slide to punctuate – Quickly enter punctuation or numbers by tapping and holding the 123 button, then sliding to any number or punctuation button and releasing your finger.
  • Add Emoji emoticons as a keyboard by opening settings, general, keyboards, international keyboards, and finding the Emoji option. Tap the small globe when you type to get the icons.
  • Shake to undo and redo – shake your phone to undo your typing in any application.  Shake again to redo.  Your phone will pop up a query to double-check.
  • Double tap for shift lock – Enable caps lock by opening settings, general, keyboard, and turning on enable caps lock.  Now you can double tap the shift key to turn on caps lock.  It will turn blue when locked.
  • Hold keys for extras – if you hold down certain letters or punctuation on the keyboard, a pop-up appears containing other options.  E.g. you can hold down the currency symbol to get other currencies.
  • Cut, copy, and paste text by double tapping or holding down text and then waiting for the copy button to appear.  Tap once where you would like to paste the text and tap paste.
  • Get a bigger keyboard by turning your phone sideways in all standard applications (notes, messages, mail, and safari).  In Safari, move your phone sideways before taping the address bar.
  • Hide message keyboard by sliding your finger down from above the entry box and the keyboard will start to disappear.
  • Get a magnifying glass by holding your finger over the text for a second until a small magnifying glass appears.
  • Quickly insert a period by tapping the space key twice, or the space key with two fingers at the same time.  A period and a single space will be inserted.
  • Quickly correct a word when you type it in wrong or when auto-correct changes it be taping the backspace key once to see replacement options and tapping the word you want to change it to.
  • Create custom typing shortcuts by opening settings, general, keyboard, then add new shortcut.
  • Turn on SMS character count by opening settings, messages, turn on character count. This doesn’t appear for iMessages as character count is unlimited.
  • Add words to dictionary by opening settings, general, keyboard, scroll down to shortcuts and tap add new shortcut. Type the word into the phrase box and leave the shortcut box empty. Tap save.



  • Stream music and videos through AppleTV using AirPlay.  From Music or Videos app press the AirPlay icon.  You must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to play through another device.
  • Turn on AirPlay Mirror from the multitasking bar.
  • Change the volume of your iPhone through the multitasking bar.
  • Stop speaker interference when you dock your phone into speakers that don’t specifically support the iPhone by turning on Airplane Mode.
  • Shake to shuffle songs.  You can disable shuffle through settings, music.



  • Press volume up button on the side of your iPhone to take a picture.  This lets you hold the phone like a normal camera, which give you more stability to take a great picture.
  • While using the Camera app, quickly access Camera Roll by sliding finger left to right.  Keep sliding to see recent photos.  Tap the screen, then the blue camera icon, to go back to camera and take more photos.
  • Open camera from lock screen by double tapping the home button and tapping the camera icon. You can only view the photos you take when using this feature as added security.
  • Tap the screen on the part of the image you want to focus on.  Pinch the screen or drag the slider to zoom in with iOS 4 and later.
  • Use the front camera to check yourself out by tapping the flip icon in the top right corner of the Camera app.


  • Create and edit photo albums from the Photos app.  On the Albums page tap edit, add. Name the album and add photos from the Camera Roll by tapping them.
  • Add photos to albums from Camera Toll by tapping the arrow icon and selecting the photos you want.
  • GeoTagging – view your photos by location in the Photos app by tapping the places tab.
  • Use photo stream to share your most recently taken photos with other Apple devices.  Open settings, iCloud, and check that photo stream is turned on.  To view the photos being shared, open Photos and select the album Photo stream.
  • Send multiple photos by selecting the photos in the photos app using the arrow incon, tapping the photos you want and then share or copy.
Safari Shortcuts for iPhone
  • You don’t have to type the www or the .com in the address bar.  For example, you can enter “apple” in the address box to view www.apple.com
  • When typing an address in Safari, the .com key hides some additional options.  Hold your finger on it for a second and a range or alternatives will appear.  Slide to one and release.
  • To see where a link will lead you, hold your finger on the link for a second.  A menu appears that lists the actual address at the top and some additional options.   You can copy the address to the clipboard and open the link in a new page.
  • When browsing web pages in Safari you can double tap on a column, word, or picture to fit its width to your screen.  Double tap again to zoom out.
  • Save Safari images by holding your finger on an image until the options slide up.  Tap copy to place the image in the clipboard or Save Image to save to your camera roll.
  • Create new app icons for any website to your home screen.  While browsing in Safari, tap the arrow icon and tap Add to Home Screen. Some websites supply an icon, if not then a shot of the current view is used.  Tapping the icon launches Safari and immediately takes you to the website.
  • Share links by tapping the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen and select mail like to this page.
  • Create a reading list of articles you want to rest later.  Tap the arrow icon and then add to reading list.  To view the reading list tap the open book icon and then reading list. If you enable iCloud syncing the articles will also be added to Safari on your other devices.
  • Search on a page for certain words by typing in the search box and at the bottom you will find the option “on this page.”  Tap find word to find the first instance of that word.  Press next to advance to the next instance of the word.
  • Swipe to delete email, notes, or SMS conversations.
  • Delete multiple emails by tapping the edit button and then the clear circles next to each email, then delete at the bottom of the screen.
  • The . key hits additional options if you hold it down.
  • Add a signature by opening settings, mail, signature.
  • Flag mail by tapping the mark option in the subject line and select flag.  Flag multiple emails by tapping edit and then marking the selected emails.
  • Quickly return to your most recent draft email by tapping and holding the new email icon for a few seconds.
  • Highlight and reply only a part of the message so that only that selection will appear in the new email.
  • Format text (bold, italics, underline) by double tapping a word to select and then tapping the right arrow.  Chose the option B/U and select from formatting options.
  • Parental control or restrictions allow you to stop certain functions of the iPhone. Open settings, general, restrictions, enable restrictions.  Enter a passcode needed to turn on certain applications such as YouTube, iTunes, App Store, etc.
  • Enable a passcode to secure all data by opening settings, general, passcode lock, turn passcode on, and enter a four digit passcode.
  • Erase all data from settings, general, passcode lock, erase all data. If someone tries to guess your passcode, the iPhone erases all data after 10 unsuccessful attempts.
Find my iPhone
  • If you are using iOS 5 you can turn on Find My iPhone option when you set up your device.  If you did not turn this on, open settings, iCloud, and turn on Find my iPhone.  You can then go to www.icloud.com on a computer and select Find My iPhone to reveals its location.
  • Once your device is located, select the blue i next to the device name.  Then select Play Sound or Send Message. If the device is nearby, you can play a sound to find it’s location.  This will play even if the phone is set to silent. If device is not nearby, you can type in a message with contact details and who to return the device to.
  • Remotely lock your phone from www.icloud.com to stop any unauthorized use of your device.  Select Remote Lock and then Lock iPhone.
  • Remotely wipe your data by selecting Remote Wipe and then Wipe iPhone. This will turn off all location data as well.
  • You can use the Find My iPhone app on iPhone to locate other devices including iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.
  • Use iCloud to back up your device settings, apps, photos and more.  Decide what you back up by opening settings, iCloud.  If something goes wrong with your iPhone, you can use iCloud to restore it, so leave on the most important options.
  • Turn on Automatic Downloads to automatically sync all downloads to iCloud by opening settings, store.
  • Control how much space is available on iCloud by opening settings, iCloud, storage & backup, then manage storage.
  • If you have an iPhone 4S, activate Siri by opening settings, general, Siri.  To access Siri press and hold the home button for a few second until the microphone icon appears.  Start speaking after you hear the beep.
  • Tap the i icon when using Siri to read all the Siri commands.  You can use Siri to send messages to friends, create a reminder, call contacts, set an alarm or timer, and more.
  • You can lift the phone to your ear to start Siri.  Turn it on/off by opening settings, general, Siri, raise to speak.
  • Add extra contact details by saying the contact name followed by their relationship to you.  For example “John Appleseed is my father.”
  • Siri can set up reminds are addresses associated with your Contacts.  Open settings, general, Siri.  Tap My Info and select contact entry.  You can say, “Remind me when I get home to take out the trash” and Siri will set the reminder to go off at that location.
  • Quircky Siri Commands: How much wood could a woodchuck cup?  Open the pod bay doors.  I love you!  What is the meaning of life?  I need to hide a body (USA only).  What are you wearing?  Knock knock.  Will you marry me?  What’s your favorite color?
  • Create Siri lists.  Use Reminders to create a grocery list.  To create a new list, open Reminders, tap the parallel lined icon on the top left then edit.  Create new list and enter it’s name, for example “Groceries.”  Tell Siri to add milk to groceries list to add that item to your list.
  • Control calls through your earbuds.  Click the microphone on your earbuds to pick up a call.  Press and hold it for two seconds and then release to reject the call.  During a call, click once to end the current call.
  • Control calls by switching between calls by clicking once.  Press and hold for two seconds to go to new call and end current call.
  • Control music with microphone.  Click once to pause and resume songs.  Quickly click twice to skip a songs or three times to skip to previous song, or restart the current track if you are more than three seconds in.

Take a picture with your earbuds by pressing the volume up button.  Now you can place your phone on a tripod and hold the camera steady.

  • Quickly find your location by tapping the arrow icon in the bottom left corner while using the Maps app. Pressing this again turns on the compass, so you can tell which direction you are facing.
  • See the traffic reposer by taping the page curl in the bottom right and trapping the Traffic option.  Green means traffic is at more than 50 mph on major roads.  Yellow means 25-50 mpg, red 25 mpg, and gray means no data is available.
  • Reduce roaming charges on your iPhone by turning off data roaming from settings, general, network, turn off data roaming.
  • Turn off cellular data by opening settings, general, network, and turn off cellular data.
  • Change time zone by opening settings, general, date and time, turn off set automatically and select time zone.
  • Drop a pin to save a small area of the map to memory.  Tap and hold the screen to drop a pin.
  • Bookmark a location by tapping the blue arrow and adding to bookmarks.
 Advanced iPhone Secrets
  • Pause a download by tapping the icon.  The progress bar will stop and paused appears beneath.  To continue the download simply tap the icon again.
  • Quickly find the definitely of a word by tapping and holding a word and choosing the define option.
  • AirPrint – wirelessly print from your iPhone! If your printer is on the same wireless network, your iPhone will automatically detect it.
  • Tip your iPhone sideways while in Calculator to access the scientific calculator.
  • Disable SMS preview by opening settings, notifications, messages, turn off show preview.
  • Use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot by opening settings, general, network, personal hotspot.  If this option isn’t available then contact your cell provider.
  • The build-in LED flash can be used as a flashlight by opening the Camera app and switching to video mode.
  • Restart your phone properly by holding the home and on/off buttons together for 10 seconds.  Ignore the “slide to power off” message that appears, and the phone shuts down.
  • If it seems like there is no signal available but you know there must be, turn on Airplane mode and then turn it off again.


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