Wolfram Alpha Launches Own App for iPhones

Wolfram Alpha Logo

Wolfram Alpha, known as a computational knowledge search engine, has been once called the next “Google Killer”. But since after its launch, it has mainly attracted people for its potential of providing statistical and computational search results rather than just trying to offer the usual generic results.

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Memorializing The Deceased On Facebook

Facebook Logo

Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites today, if not “the most”. Millions and millions of people worldwide have created their own Facebook profiles. It can sometimes make you think what will happen to it in case the Facebook account owner dies.

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Google Comes Up With Music Search Feature

Google Logo

Google is always trying to provide a better online search experience for every one. That is maybe why they try to add on added features in order to offer online users varied search options. And this time, they have also added music search as one of them.

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Facebook, MySpace Setting Their Sights In Curbing Ad Scams

Facebook MySpace Logos

It seems that the current publicity concerning the flood of new ad scams on social networks have finally reached the right people after all. It may have taken a lot of considerable press for the people running these social networking sites to take action.

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