Another way to wear…Chanel

Another way to wear…ChanelI never thought that Parisian fashion house Chanel would have much in common with my local off-licence but guess what?  They both sell temporary tattoos. The Chanel version is sold to a waiting list of label-loving, fashion hungry women and the latter is sold in-between sheets of pink bubblegum to the kids on bikes at […]Another way to wear…Chanel

High Street Favourite – Miss Selfridge

High Street Favourite – Miss SelfridgeIn recent weeks Miss Selfridge has fast become my go-to place for a fix of something pretty in nudes, pinks, creams and lace.  I seem to find something each time I visit, which is great for my wardrobe but not so great for my wallet.  At the moment I am in love with bows, frills, […]High Street Favourite – Miss Selfridge

This Week’s Wishlist

This Week’s WishlistAran knit cardigan – River Island, £39.99 Shorts – River Island, £29.99 Leopard print moccasins – Zara, £39.99 Alexa Satchel – Mulberry, £695This Week’s Wishlist


I’ve…been…SHOPPING    If you go down to the shops today…you’re not in for that big of a suprise because they’re full of the same thing.  Cable knits, nordic sheepskin, snowflake jumpers, fur lined this, fur trimmed that.  Still, I’m not complaining.  I took a trip to the shops and came back with some things I’m mighty pleased with, courtesy […]I’ve…been…SHOPPING

Get your rocks off

Get your rocks off….or rather, get your rocks on.  There is something so utterly captivating to me about a huge sparkly piece of stone on my hand.  Everyone notices it.  I feel glamorous just drinking a cup of tea or putting coins in a ticket machine.  At work my hands are on constant display to the public and it […]Get your rocks off