Apple Watch's battery is replaceable

Apple’s long-awaited Apple Watch’s battery will be replaceable, the company has confirmed




The Apple Watch’s battery will be replaceable, the company has said, allaying fears the wearable could be rendered obsolete within a few years.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook announced the three versions of the watch, the standard Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the luxury Watch Edition, will go on sale on April 24 during an event earlier this week.

With prices starting at £299 and rising to £13,500, consumers have expressed concerns that the Watch could be highly priced considering the battery was likely to be irreplaceable.

An Apple spokesman told TechCrunch the battery will be replaceable, most likely through an Apple store.

Cook said the battery life of the Watch will be around 18 hours, meaning the device would have to be charged with the magnetic charger unit nightly.

Separately, Apple also confirmed the internal models include 8GB of storage; with users storing up to 2GB of music and 75MB of pictures.

The Watch is Apple’s first original product since the iPad in 2010, and demand is expected to be high. The company is said to have ordered between 5m and 6m units from its suppliers in Asia to meet initialdemand.


Apple described the Watch as “incredibly accurate”, claiming that it keeps time to within 50 milliseconds of UTC – the universal time standard. It can also be personalised with watch faces, ranging from traditional analogue to numeric, or animated.

The applications that will be available to use on the Watch included Facebook, Twitter, and Uber, as well as a range of airlines and hotels connections, which could even allow the user to open their hotel door with the device.

It also enables wearers to send messages, read email and answer calls to their iPhone directly from their wrist. Apple said that its Taptic Engine alerts users to important notifications with a “gentle tap”.

Meanwhile, the built-in accelerometer and heart rate sensor, together with GPS and Wi-Fi from an iPhone, are able to track different types of motion and provide a comprehensive picture of the wearer’s daily activity and workouts.


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