ApriPoko Robot acts as Voice Activated-Remote digitallahore.

Researchers of Toshiba Company are in process to develop a robot that can be operated just like a universal voice activated remote control for different appliances at home. This robot is given a name ApriPoko, its weight is about 5 lbs, and measures 8 x 11 inch. ApriPoko works in a way that it senses infrared rays when you use your remote; it asks the question “what did you just do”? Your answer would be saved in its memory, for example you reply “I changed the channel to 5” the ApriPoko will save this detail to its memory and the next time when you want to see the same channel you just have to say to the ApriPoko to change the channel and it will do it by transmitting the signal to the device. The ApriPoko is under Research & Development Stage but hopefully to be in production very soon.

ApriPoko Robot acts as Voice Activated-Remote

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