Baby "stuff"!

My daughter Serena and Kyle have pretty much everything for their baby on the way. 
A few things they didn’t have were receiving blankets and burb cloths, so I made these few things for baby. 
~ receiving blankets  ~
These are all flannel ~ various sizes.
I mitered every corner on all the blankets
~ burb cloths ~
These are flannel on one side and terry cloth on the other.
I had never heard of these until my daughter told me about them.

One of her friends had some of these cloths so Serena drew one out to show me what they looked like and I made her some.

They are to be  placed over  the shoulder when feeding/burping the baby. 
(When my children were born I used receiving blankets for this purpose but these definitely appear to be a less bulkier and updated version.)
I saw a cute little quilt made up at one of my local 
sewing stores ~ Sewing World ~ and I bought the panel, so I will also make them a  crib quilt. 
I’ll post pictures when it is done ~ the panel is adorable!
I made Ella a fleece blankie with the fabric she chose. 
Hers is the one on the left  in the picture below.
For Ella’s dollsI also made a matching blankie with  pillow and with the left over terry cloth I made her various size cloths to imitate the burb cloths and change table pads.

Serena has her bags packed and ready for the hospital and everything is ready for baby to arrive.
Since Kyle is away I am her “partner” in the delivery room so I am ready too….
Kyle’s parents/family are also on “call” and we are all waiting patiently!
Serena is hoping next week will be the week because she is so ready :)
Isn’t she beautiful?
Have a wonderful week~end!

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