Best Auto Review:Do you know the Best and Latest Sports Cars?

Sports cars are fascinating vehicles. Their features make them stand out among other car types. But there still is competition among sports cars. It is fascinating to talk about these sports cars and why they stand out above their contemporaries.

Here are some of the 2006 vehicles that made the list of best sports car and the qualities that made them above average.
Honda Accord:
The car comes with its fresh look: revised interiors, rear and front styling, and better sound-minimizing capability. Honda Accord still boasts of its qualities such as high value for resale, excellent construction and reliability. V6 Accords are equipped with a new stable system and improved suspension. This car also has the following specifications: front- wheel type of drive line, 3100 to 3600 lbs. curb weight, up to 107.9 in. wheelbase and 5 or 6 speed manual transmission.
Chevrolet Corvette:
The car

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