Brake Booster Removal

Removing the power brake booster can be done at home with normal tools. There are a few standard procedures to follow to remove this component.

    Remove The Master Cylinder

  1. The brake booster’s pushrod interacts with the master cylinder to initiate the hydraulic functions of the brake system. You may not need to disconnect the brake lines when dismounting the master cylinder. There should be two retaining nuts holding the master cylinder to the brake booster that need to be removed with a wrench.

    Remove The Vacuum Supply Hose

  2. Typically there is the vacuum supply hose connected to the check valve on the brake booster on the engine compartment side. The hose is connected from the engine intake manifold to provide the booster with the necessary vacuum for brake assist. There is no tool for this and you don’t need to remove the check valve.

    Remove The Brake Pedal

  3. Remove the brake pedal in the passenger compartment side of the brake booster in order to get to the booster’s four mounting bolts on the firewall. Remove the retaining pin or bolt and then the pedal retaining nuts around the push rod (with a wrench) to remove the pedal. Remove the booster retaining nuts on the mounting bolt with a wrench. Dismount the booster.

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