Couples Ebronides

Annie runs one of the most successful salons Alle’nora and Dr. Mansoor is also into photography. You must have heard about couples who complete each other by bringing to the relationship what is missing in one partner. Annie and Mansoor is one such couple. If Annie is spontaneous, Mansoor takes his time to think things through before every action; nnie is a perfectionist when it comes to interiors and appearances, Mansoor is casual beyond redemption; Annie is careless, Mansoor is cautious, so on and so forth, the list is never ending. But together they function best as both feel a need for the other’s positive influence. When did you get married and how old were the two of you?  Mansoor: The perfect age for marriage! Was your marriage an arranged one or not? Mansoor: We knew each other but it was an arranged arriage.


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