Drunk teen’s miracle survival after hit by train

drunk-kidA teenager has miraculously survived falling in front of an approaching train and being run over by three carriages at a station in Melbourne’s east late yesterday.

Police said while details remained sketchy, it was believed the 17-year-old was intoxicated when he leaned over the edge of the platform at Mooroolbark station about 7pm and overbalanced, falling into the path of an oncoming train.
He was hit by three train carriages and suffered extensive damage to his face.
”We think he’s over-balanced and fallen in. He was with friends at the time and suffered apparently quite serious head injuries,” a Victoria Police spokeswoman told The Age.drunk-kid1
”He was able to walk to the edge of the track to be treated by ambulance officers. We’ll be investigating the incident.”
Intensive care paramedic Haley McCartin said when she arrived, the teenager was conscious and breathing, ”but it was not clear exactly how it happened”.
”He had serious injuries across a large area of his face. We also suspect that he suffered a head injury as he was quite confused,” she said.
”The facial wounds were bleeding quite heavily so we used pads and moist bandages to help slow the bleeding. The extent of the injuries also meant that he was finding it difficult to breathe.”
Ms McCartin said the reduced the patient’s and he was taken to The Alfred hospital in a serious condition.
Metro Trains spokesman Chris Whitefield said train services were shut down for two hours while the police investigated the incident.
”We’ll help police out with whatever information we have. If that involves CCTV footage, then that will be given to them.”

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