Fashion Mistakes in Footwears – Fashion Crimes in Women’s Shoes

We always hear everyone say what’s in and what’s out in fashion, but somehow those trends that should have never came in the first place, still keep a safe place in other’s wardrobe.

Don’t know what shoes should you get rid off? Find out next what are the biggest fashion mistakes when it comes to your footwear!

Not everyone needs to be a fashionista or a shoppaholic, but there’s a limit between ridiculous and normal. We all have a style, whether we develop it or it just comes naturally, yet somehow others don’t find a difference in looking good or being a mess.

We don’t even expect everyone to look from the Vogue fashion magazine and wear the latest designer’s catwalk outfits or dress the same as every person on the street, still that doesn’t mean we should forget about how we look like and what our style says about us.

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