How To Boost Cell Phone Signal For Free, Without Any Cell Phone Signal Booster


This free do-it-yourself (diy) tip sheet reveals surprisingly simple tricks to try in order to increase your cell phone signal when you are on a call and without the use of any so-called cell phone “boosting” device. By learning these simple techniques and tips, you will be able to significantly increase your cell phone’s signal strength naturally, without any device. So, next time you make a call, make sure you observe the following tips and tricks:

  1. Hands-off!: Make sure you never put your finger near or on the antenna. If you don’t know where the antenna is, it is probably on top of your phone so it’s a good idea to hold your phone by the base, not the top. The idea here is that anything to obstructs cellular waves decreases your phone’s performance, including anything as small as your finger.
    1. Turn Your Body: If your interlocutor’s voice breaks during a call, try to turn around until it improves. You don’t know where the base station antenna from your carrier is located and your head may be right in the way. Rotate your whole body so that your phone points to a different direction until you find the best position, then don’t move.
    2. Avoid Metal: Move away from any piece of metal, especially massive steel structures. They usually interfere with cellular waves.
    3. Power Up!: Always keep your battery as charged as possible. Some cell phones (and maybe yours do) will weaken their signal strength when the battery is low to increase talk time.
    4. Look For Windows: If you are in a building, move towards a window: the less obstruction the better.
      – When driving your car, place the phone on the window side, it may help.
      – When walking outside, move to an open spot rather than stay close to building or in the woods.
    5. Hide!: On rare occasions, you can use a huge concrete building or structure to hide yourself from a specific base station antenna that may be defective, so that your cell phone sees another, more remote base station which works better. This is unlikely but it sometimes happens.

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