How To Monitor a Baby Or Secretly Listen To A Room With Your Cell Phone


Dick Tracy would have liked this trick. There is a simple, yet unknown secret way to listen to a room using a cell phone. It works with most cell phones.

  1. Turn off the cell phone’s speaker (see volume or audio options), put the auto-answer mode on (not all cell phones have this option, check out your owner’s manual) and set the ringtone to “silent” and make sure it doesn’t vibrate either. If your cell phone doesn’t have a silent ringtone option, you can use our free silent ringtone and assign it as your cell phone’s main ringtone for that trick..
  2. Place your cell phone in a hidden area of the room you want to monitor.
  3. Just call it using your landline or your cell phone but, if you were unable to turn the spy phone’s speaker off, make sure you use a phone that allows you to set the microphone to mute. If not, a tape over the microphone area can do wonders. The auto-answer feature will answer but people in the room won’t hear the ringtone since you set it to silent. They won’t hear you whispering or breathing either since you muted the phone you used for calling.
  4. * Same old cell phone, new tricks! There is also a way to use a cell phone as a>car surveillance system based on the technique explained here.

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