I don’t live in a ‘rathole’: Gillard

gillard-house-420x0Controversial radio host Kyle Sandilands has struck again, urging Julia Gillard to ditch living in the outer Melbourne suburb of Altona because it is a “rathole”. Asked how long it would be before she would move into The Lodge if she won Saturday’s election, the Prime Minister was coy. ”I haven’t thought about any of that,” she said. ”I’m really not sure. I’m happy in Altona.” Responding to a comment by Sandilands that she should get out of Altona because it was a ”rathole”, Ms Gillard replied: ”Altona’s OK, it’s not a rathole,” she told 2Day FM.

After toppling Kevin Rudd in June, Ms Gillard said she would not move into The Lodge, the prime minister’s official Canberra residence, until she had won an election in her own right.

In the meantime, she’s been dividing her time between her modest brick house in Altona, and a flat in the Canberra suburb of Kingston.


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