Leica releases M9 worth £19,800

it is not just the output image that matters to the photographers but even the camera which is often at times the part of their luxurious life style. It is for such customers that the different companies release cameras that can actually cost a killing yet be sold out in no time by antique lovers. Similarly, Leica has come up with an amazing titanium made camera with the help of Volkswagen’s chief designer, Walter de Silva, namely M9 – a camera with a costly difference.
“We asked him to help design a new camera,” explained Leica’s chairman, Andreas Kaufmann, at an exclusive event on 20 September at Photokina in Cologne, Germany. “I have a passion for cars, and (de Silva) has a passion for cameras.”

Leica has confirmed at Photokina that they will be launching only 500 pieces of this rare masterpiece and Leica’s chairman, Andreas Kaufmann, looked confident enough to sell out all of the 500 pieces within days. After all Leica’s cameras have always been part of collector’s editions for different camera lovers.

The M9 comes up with Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens which is also made up of Titanium thus adding to its attraction (and price).

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