Hey, so check out the cool new updates to portfolio viewing.  For full details or questions, please see the thread on MM:

View All as Default Option

You now have the choice as to whether your portfolio shows up in View All mode by default or a specific album shows by default.

If you want all of your photos to show up immediately when someone opens your portfolio, set this to Yes.  If you want a single album to show by default, set it to No.


Click here to change this setting for your portfolio.  You can also reach this setting by clicking My Stuff -> Settings -> Portfolio View or the link on the Organize Photos page.


View All Sorting

When in View All mode (either because you have it set as your default view or if a member clicks View All in your portfolio) your photos will be sorted as follows:

1) Your photos will be grouped by album.
2) Your albums will be sorted in alphabetical order.
3) The photos within each album will be sorted in the order you set.

So if you want certain images to show up first in View All mode, put them at the top of whichever album comes first alphabetically.  Put the images you want to show last at the bottom of the album that comes last alphabetically.


Easy Portfolio Navigation

When viewing photos in Overlay Mode (Classic View Off), it is now even easier to scroll through photos.  Just use your keyboard’s arrow keys to scroll forward and back through the photos in the album you’re viewing.


More Image Links

We have added 3 links to your images (at this time only non-M images): MM Forum Code, Image Tag, and Raw Link.

Use the MM Forum Code to post the image in the forums or on your profile page.  It will show a thumbnail of the image and link to the image page.  Use the Image Tag link to post the image on another site where HTML is used.  Use the Raw Link to link directly to the image page.



More Info on Overlay

Copyright, credits, and 2257 (if any) information are now listed on the image overlay mode.


Mobile Device Classic View

Most common mobile devices are detected and Classic View is automatically set On.


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